Thursday, October 30, 2008

Randy's boat last summer

Here we are, Riding the Taco at Immagrent Lake. Later we flipped the taco over and played King/queen of the hill. Then we swam to shore with Grandma Ritva and explored a small cave we found hidden on the beach, found evidence of a mysterious creature I call a Hobo living there and we soon swam back to the awesome, unedible, taco. I hope we can cram a few more adventure in before summer ends again. Heres a picture of my mom driving the boat, we were trying to get my dad to flip :D no such luck as usual.
Summer is awesome, sometimes I wish it would last forever, and sometimes I wish school would hurry up and fill my schedule again. This year it went by way too fast :( now i have to go back to the boring drone of my school books. Thats the thing about homeschooling, no fun classes (sorry mom but it's true).

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Sutherlands said...

Beautiful! A modern-day Pocahontas! (how do you spell that?)