Thursday, October 30, 2008

well here's a few early pics of our kitten steve. he really knows how to relax...but he's also a mighty lion when it comes to hunting down rats, mice, and grasshoppers. My mom has kicked him out of the house because he refused to be potty-trained.
Halloween Costumes this year:
Me: old fashioned waitress w/skates
morgan:milky way
sage: an ice skater wearing rollerblades
dad: a lifeguard getting eaten by a shark
mom: a hippie :)
I just love immagrent lakes tower/spider web thingy! We also went down the water slides, played in the lake's swimming hole a bit, and had a nice picnic. What a way to celebrate my moms birthday, I'm absolutely positive that she loved it. I hope that we can do that again sometime, that place is awesome!
Here is a little rock pool we made from some rocks from griffin park and part of that tree that fell accross our driveway last year. If it was my rock pool I would have done it a little differently but it works.

Memorial day

We spent the day at Griffin Park, roasting hotdogs over a campfire and all that good picnicy stuff. The jetboat race this year was pretty good, at least no-one crashed this year. The boats are so tiny! I still can't believe they can get those things to go so fast. It looks like so much fun but its so dangerous that I don't think I can even consider doing it. Well, I sure enjoyed the day off.

Randy's boat last summer

Here we are, Riding the Taco at Immagrent Lake. Later we flipped the taco over and played King/queen of the hill. Then we swam to shore with Grandma Ritva and explored a small cave we found hidden on the beach, found evidence of a mysterious creature I call a Hobo living there and we soon swam back to the awesome, unedible, taco. I hope we can cram a few more adventure in before summer ends again. Heres a picture of my mom driving the boat, we were trying to get my dad to flip :D no such luck as usual.
Summer is awesome, sometimes I wish it would last forever, and sometimes I wish school would hurry up and fill my schedule again. This year it went by way too fast :( now i have to go back to the boring drone of my school books. Thats the thing about homeschooling, no fun classes (sorry mom but it's true).
AHHHHH! watch out justins coming your way!

well since i dont have a camera i decided to rumage around in some old pics with dads phone.


sorry everybody, i havent been very consistent with my blog.
blogging is not so fun when you dont have pictures to show, luckily mom's camera arrived today!
yay, now we can get some shots!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

long time no post. its 11:13pm miranda posting. We grew our own pumkins this year... they turned out huge! wish i could get a picture, but i dont have a camera :( . Our internet service hasent been working to well so thats part of the reason i havent been posting.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

cupcake pug

I found this new website called it has some really funny pics with creative captions. You can upload photo's of animals and caption them, then you can copy the URL and paste it to all sorts of websites, including blogger and myspace!