Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Peter Pan Play

whew wee, have not posted in awhile. A freind of mine finally convinced me to start posting again. So.. starting with the present... Just got back from going to see the Peter Pan play at the GPHS's Theatre. It was really great even thought it was designed for a younger audience, the One Eleven Theatre Company puts on really good shows. I'm hoping to get myself into another play sometime soon but I'm a little afraid of having to audition. I was kinda bummed that I couldent go to the earlier showing with my freinds because my dad was doing stuff with his bees. Hey, at least we got some honey! And we (as in me and my mom, everyone else was busy and morgans a chicken) got to see Uncle Dandy Randy and Aunt Pat :D Still a little furious at myself for rolling my ankle yesturday night, it's still sore but I don't think it's that bad, no need for crutches or anything. Still, its a little annoying and me and my freind keenan didn't get to REALLY play commando because of it. Not like it was going to that great anyways since there were so many cussers and smokers in the group of people playing. We got caught almost immediately and ended up waiting for the next round at the all sports park (we started at denny's and the destination was the all sports park). Then we ended up just going home because the next round was going to be past curfew (11:00pm), and because a bunch of the kids started making us nervous... the drivers were speeding around way to fast, almost hitting people in several occasions, then people started riding on top the hoods then roofs while some were running alongside the car trying to get in the open door. Cussing increased a bit and I'am surprised that the police didn't come and end the game. I'm really glad that no one got seriously hurt, someone was watching over us that night.