Thursday, March 20, 2008

bunny and ducklings

This is a picture of our new bunny, I think we are going to name him Howie. He is a miniature lop and he already making freinds with poco :D

we just got baby ducks today! Dad says that they'll eat all the seaweed in our pond. And they are so cute! And no uncle randy, we are not going to eat them, they lay eggs.


Ben said...

Is it a good thing if your pond doesn't have seaweed?

Rochelle said...

I thought seaweed came from the sea. It likes salt. Did you know gardens LOVE seaweed? It's very nutritious. When the ducks eat the seaweed then you can eat them! hahaha...just kidding. I LOVE your bunny! I miss you!

Dan said...

Ducks and bunny what fun, do they chase each other. haha.
There sure small ducks.
Uncle Dan